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Listening to this podcast, I realize that I had changed my mindset. I was going to wear my clothes in confidence. I have to write things down to ensure they get done!

Walk Cycle - Lu the Tiger

Thanks so much for this. Sometimes it just takes a little something to break your cycle of stress and angst. Amazing how taking a moment to readjust, breath deeply, change your posture — smile and wiggle your butt! Thank you so much for the note! You are so right, little things can make a big change. I know I get caught up in the big picture at times and just have to slow, breathe and of course — wiggle :. Your email address will not be published. Comments 4.

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Post Author. At we wound our way through the grounds to a canyon where eight adult tigers lay in the hot sun. Most of them were asleep. Two uniformed Thai teenagers led paying visitors one by one to a tiger. Another tiger rolled on his back for a tummy rub. I complied.

Tiger's Nest - how arduous and long is the trek? - Bhutan Forum

There were a few volunteers from Europe who did things like remind everyone in English that the tigers are wild, to stay quiet and to follow the directions of the Thai teenagers. The visit with the tigers each day is short and sweet because even though the cats are sleepy and laid-back 20 hours a day, there are those four hours when they are doing things that tigers do when they are awake, like scratching, biting, growling and looking for something to eat.

We got to see all that and more the next day. Our room, with a private garden and open-air bath, was very romantic.

See a Problem?

Breakfast coffee and toast is included, and they offer free pickup service from the train or bus station. At the crack of dawn, a guy who brings food for the tigers every day drove us back out to the temple where we again met Rod, the young and enthusiastic former Canadian who is in charge of the tigers. We walked past wild boars, antelope, peacocks, horses and buffalo before coming to a tree where four tiger cubs on leashes were playing in the shade.

We each were assigned our cub and handed a leash. Immediately the tigers leapt at our legs, scratching and biting.

They sleep a lot

The cubs thought we were playing, so we changed tactics. My husband and I walked close enough to each other so that the cubs would attack each other instead of our legs. There was a lot of leash tangling but fewer scratches and nips to our legs. The cubs were so cute we just wanted to pick them up to snuggle them, but they rarely even made eye contact with us, treating us like walking trees on which to sharpen their claws.

It was a tiring walk to the place where we were to eat breakfast with the monks, and sometimes we had to push the cubs along or even carry them a ways, but we were grinning from ear to ear. Once we arrived at the sala, a platform where the monks chant, meditate and eat, we were given warm bottles of milk to feed our cubs.

He Walks Like A Tiger 1973

As soon as the bottles went into their mouths they became completely docile and all warm and cuddly, closing their eyes and pushing their big paws against our bodies. I could have done that all day, but the cubs made short work of the milk.

Then we were told to put the cubs under the sala at our feet, where they immediately fell asleep. We had been asked the previous day to bring food for the monks. Before breakfast the monks chanted, and I guessed that we were supposed to be meditating or something because everyone had their eyes shut or hands clasped in prayer.


Man takes tiger for a walk | The Herald-News

I spent the chant rubbing my cub with my toes while he slept. After prayer, the monks ate first, then, as guests, Scott and I were asked to go next, followed by six volunteers and about two dozen fearless Thai teens and twenty-somethings who worked at the temple with the tigers.

After breakfast, we had a heck of a time waking the cubs and getting them to their cages. They seemed so sleepy, until we arrived at the cages. The cubs heard that and perked up considerably.

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The cage was 6 feet long by 3 feet wide by 4 feet tall.