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Bernard F. A second section maps the complex relationship between all three texts, introducing questions about narrative authority in written histories to question what happens when the same period is revisited from different perspectives. Scott LaMascus, Christopher Douglas, among others. A final section then concludes this essay with a close reading of the relationship between Lila and Ames, who view their courtship and engagement in strikingly, if subtly, dissimilar ways. Before analysing the similarities and, perhaps, more notable differences between Gilead, Home , and Lila , I want to reflect briefly on terminology.

Throughout this article, I refer to the Gilead novels as partner or simultaneous texts and, in many ways, trouble the idea of reading them sequentially. Schellenberg define the sequel as both a chronological extension of a precursor narrative and a successor to a single text that was originally presented as whole 9.

Why, for instance, does Robinson revisit the same town in the same year in three separate books? The publication of Lila further confirms the insufficiency of the sequel as a description of the Gilead texts. If, then, Home is not a sequel to Gilead , and Lila is not a prequel, how can we better conceive of their relationship? The Gilead novels retain the ethos of the sequel, which John M. The concept of narrative simultaneity also has necessary applications for the argument expressed here.

In narratology, simultaneity refers to narrative events that are isochronous; that is, they occur at the same time or occupy the same temporal interval Le Poidevin As Uri Margolin writes, novelists often use simultaneity to contrast the diverse and simultaneous actions of different characters in vast cityscapes, crowds, or battle scenes within a single novel n. However, because Robinson returns to the same period and location in three separate novels, the simultaneity of the Gilead novels is altitudinal and instances of simultaneity happen intermittently, occurring between novels rather than within a single text.

Discussions of narrative simultaneity therefore encourage us to read the Gilead novels as one cohesive text rather than as a series or sequence. All four Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John show Jesus as a leader, performing miracles, his crucifixion, and resurrection but differ in the detail and presentation of these stories. That is, like Ames and Boughton, the reader must work out what is true for themselves as Robinson often repeats and alters narrative episodes and expositions, diffusing a sense of narrative closure and authority through the lateral expansion of a single fictional world.

Put simply, Home and Lila complicate and expand the story originally told in Gilead , retaining a central cast of characters who live in or return to the same fictional Iowan town.


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Gilead is an epistolary novel written from the perspective of Congregationalist minister John Ames to his seven-year-old son, Robby, in the months after he is diagnosed with heart failure. Both Gilead and Home focus on the trials of old age and detail the deteriorating health of Ames and Boughton.

Jack is a source of anxiety and distrust in both texts. Ames avoids discussing his namesake for most of Gilead , referring vaguely to the pranks Jack performed as a boy and the illegitimate child he abandoned as a teenager. The events of Home therefore seem bleaker after Gilead. In Gilead and Home , Lila is a mysterious, much loved, but ultimately marginal figure.

Louis whorehouse, her marriage to Ames in the s, and the present moment in Returning to in three separate novels allows Robinson to explore the isolation of two families and to represent their varied attempts at connection from multiple angles. Lila , for instance, represents the past as nameless, borderless, and largely eventless. Contrarily, there is also profound significance to the year in which all three novels are set.

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First, Robinson sets all her fiction in the mids. The period broadly appeals to her as the beginning of her own intellectual development Robinson turned twelve in ; a generation removed from the Civil War, at the dawn of the civil rights movement. Not only was Dwight D. Yet, read in sequence, Home actually periodises Gilead and Lila, providing details of the year in which all three novels take place, to emphasise how the people of Gilead distance themselves from their own radical history and from the wider political action of the s.

If one idea unites the Gilead novels, it is the inadequacy of a single narrative perspective in telling a story. In Gilead , Ames alludes to the incident briefly, obliquely, and late in the novel:. She made them very fine and prosperous. Gilead Ames makes no admission that Lila is tending the grave of his dead wife and child, which might seem inappropriate if his memory of her proposal is true. Glory touches on the same act of kindness in Home :.

Lila had gone up to the cemetery to look after the Boughtons as well as the Ameses. Glory noticed a special tenderness toward the first Mrs. That was probably good, Glory thought.

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