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Whether Stet can make the grade, fend off the bullying twits at this choral version of Hogwarts, and win back the love of his pining pop are the fairly basic narrative stakes. This is a much more commercial endeavour, like switching from Radio 3 over to Classic FM. Still, there's enough musical literacy in Ben Ripley's script to raise it above the likes of simpering French Oscar-nominee The Chorus.

Eddie Izzard plays a younger rival to Carvelle who turns his nose up at Stet's untrained raw talent: when he wearily complains of "atrophy in the pianos", it gets a laugh, and he has a wonderful line questioning the school's suitability as "some weird cat rescue mission". Kathy Bates makes the most of her scenes, too, as an oppressed principal whose colleagues are just like grown-up versions of their infighting students.

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It's the kind of film that has to give Izzard's snootypants character an exact, blond and bespectacled junior equivalent, so we know who he's going to be backing in the fight to become this season's star soloist. Dictionary Entries near preach to the choir preachify preaching cross preachment preach to the choir preach to the converted preachy preadamite.

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Preaching to The Choir

Ask the Editors On Contractions of Multiple Words You all would not have guessed some of these A Look at Uncommon Onomatopoeia Some imitative words are more surprising than others Literally How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice?

Take the quiz Musical Words Quiz A quiz in common time. And the river trip came during a period in when I frequently found myself telling strangers, in frustration, that people in my hometown could be as closed-minded as any right-wing community. We were all living in our respective bubbles, preaching to our respective choirs; I was looking for more substantive exchange.

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Yet what transpired in my conversations on the raft was not, in the end, especially illuminating. But it can be applied too widely, to malign conversation between people whose beliefs happen to coincide. The phrase implies that political work should be primarily evangelical, even missionary, that the task is to go out and convert the heathens, that talking to those with whom we agree achieves nothing.

But only the most patient and skillful among us can alter the views of those who disagree profoundly. And is there no purpose in getting preached to, in gathering with your compatriots? Why else do we go to church but to sing, to pray a little, to ease our souls, to see our friends, and to hear the sermon? I asked Katya Lysander, who sings ancient and modern Eastern European music with a Chicago choral group, what she thought of the phrase. A priest preaching directly to the choir would be facing the wrong way, away from the congregation, as the choir is usually behind or on either side of the pulpit.

And, as Lysander might have added, the preacher also listens to the choir, to her bishops, her colleagues, her congregation. And then everyone catches up on the church steps after the service.

The ecclesiastical conversation, that is to say, consists of a series of exchanges among people in many different roles. Conversion or the transmission of new information is not the primary aim; the preacher has other work to do. Classically, the sermon is a kind of literary criticism that regards the key sacred texts and their meanings as inexhaustible. Adults, like children, love hearing the great stories more than once, and most religions have prayers and narratives, hymns and songs that are seen as wells of meaning that never run dry.