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The biggest nuclear no-body, Ireland held its ground till the last moment for no explicable reason. All the three countries, as was revealed on September 4 in Vienna, were being strongly backed by China to either vote outright against India, or delay the negotiations to such an extent that the issue would die down at least for the near future.

He officially revealed for the first time that China at the highest levels i.

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China’s assassin’s mace - The Manila Times

It was, therefore, assumed by New Delhi that while Beijing would not actively support India, it would go along with the flow of opinion in the member NSG. Because of the opposition to the Indian draft at the NSG orchestrated by China from the background, certain adjustments were agreed to by India at the last moment. But the document refers to it in one sentence. Beijing may tolerate India with the attributes of a great nation, but clipped into a drawing room size.

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It is well established and beyond any debate that the Chinese government has been the biggest proliferator officially, helping Pakistan to become a stand alone nuclear power with a missile delivery system. Chinese language nuclear weapons documents were given by Libya to the US when Tripoli decided to completely surrender its nuclear establishment and plans and come clean.

While India has been slow, hesitant and cautiously reactive most of the time, China followed a consistent policy to undermine India at every stage — bilaterally, regionally and globally.

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Beijing demanded India roll back its programme, adding that then only would Pakistan follow suit, since India was the first to test. This official position of China does not appear to have been withdrawn.

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This is highly significant, suggesting diplomatically that Pakistan had become not only a client state of China, but a front line ally and forward nuclear weapons base of China. It was an astute strategy. Beijing could use Pakistan to threaten India, and yet restrain it at the right time to show to the world that it was a responsible power. A highly dishonest and deceitful strategy served on a plate of deniability.

Enabling Information Superiority for National Security

Then they tried to pull the rug from under the feet of the Indians at Vienna in the last 72 hours of the negotiations, when the other opponents to India began to give in. There must have been a very strong reason for China to make such a turn which could tarnish their credibility in the world. It was also a very big risk. Hence, it appears, that China has pulled out all stops where India is concerned.

An old Chinese warfare strategy states — when confronting a strong enemy, appease its head but sever its weakest link.

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    Abstract Believing that an information Revolution of Military Affairs has occurred, the US military is currently transforming to achieve dominance over the full spectrum of deployment scenarios with a lighter, more mobile, and more capable force. Establishing a far-reaching, robust, ubiquitous ISR and telecommunications network, and a network-centered fighting doctrine are keys to this endeavor.

    Of the many systems needed, satellite communications are especially significant because they are the prime method of transmitting high quantities of information to remote and mobile units. Buy from our partners. Things are never what they seem, especially in the world of international politics.

    Missile March: China Parade Projects Patriotism at Home, Aims for Awe Abroad

    Janet Chang appears to be an attractive, successful scientist, but she's really a Chinese spy, sent to degrade United States nuclear submarine capability. If she succeeds, America's potential ally, India, will dismantle and fall apart. Of course, China isn't the only country out to get India on the ropes. His orchestrated terror attacks are inflicting death and instability in India. All the while, Durga Vadera, a maverick politician, becomes the Indian Prime Minister after her predecessor and the United States Ambassador are killed.