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It expresses an intensity of love that knows no limits. They show that the concept of homosexual orientation was strongly represented in the English of the time and that persons were indeed recognized and described as being of such orientation.

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Why should McKellan or anyone else be castigated for using non-conflicting modern jargon to make their point? Unfortunately — probably because he was essentially straight — its wielding was less productive than that of the Rival Pen. Yes I got that.

To get sponsorship he may have just put his pen to work, even though he was straight. An intriguing idea! I doubt that this view would have been shared by those on the receiving end of categorizations such as buggerer, paederast, pathic and Cynedian. Yes and no.

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  3. Shakespeare in Love forgot to mention William Shakespeare was a sex-charged genuis..
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A number of his fellow authors died young — essentially because of their poverty. A simple point — BIT over-explained — but otherwise mostly correct, in my opinion. Two questions though; 1.

Just because they can hardly be the most invisible and the most oppressed… neglected perhaps but not denied a taxi when getting chased by hooligans John Hurt, The Civil Servant 2. Just because your post seemed to me to be a rebuttal of some form…. Either that or Mr.


Gotta love that take on it… Shakespeare the ruthless, heartless, hetrosexual seducer of homosexuals! My concern for this stems partly from the sonnets themselves and from the politics of LGBT.

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Shakespeare does not revert to the two-dimensional representations of love typical of the time but rather explores love as a non-perfect part of the human condition. Love in Shakespeare is a force of nature, earthy and sometimes uneasy.

Here are some key resources on love in Shakespeare. For example, when we first meet Romeo he is a love-sick puppy experiencing infatuation. It is not until he meets Juliet that he really understands the meaning of love. Similarly, Juliet is engaged to marry Paris, but this love is bound by tradition, not passion. She also discovers that passion when she first meets Romeo.

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Fickle love collapses in the face of romantic love, yet even this we are urged to question: Romeo and Juliet are young, passionate and heady … but are they also immature? Read the full text.

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