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Audiovisual Mpls. Raymond Mpls. Liaison Committee — Mpls. Audiovisual Questions from sessions 1 — 5? Before you enlist! James Houck, U. Powis trans. Holman Co.

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Hoffmann, Conrad, Jr. He knew that success required legislative change, not merely moral suasion. This opinion alone engendered a bitter split from Garrison, [11] and Whittier went on to become a founding member of the Liberty Party in It is vigorous reality, exerting In , he began writing his essay "The Black Man" which included an anecdote about John Fountain, a free black who was jailed in Virginia for helping slaves escape. After his release, Fountain went on a speaking tour and thanked Whittier for writing his story.

Around this time, the stresses of editorial duties, worsening health, and dangerous mob violence caused him to have a physical breakdown. Whittier went home to Amesbury, and remained there for the rest of his life, ending his active participation in abolition. Even so, he continued to believe that the best way to gain abolitionist support was to broaden the Liberty Party's political appeal, and Whittier persisted in advocating the addition of other issues to their platform.

He eventually participated in the evolution of the Liberty Party into the Free Soil Party , and some say his greatest political feat was convincing Charles Sumner to run on the Free-Soil ticket for the U. Senate in Beginning in , Whittier was editor of Gamaliel Bailey's The National Era , [9] one of the most influential abolitionist newspapers in the North.

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For the next ten years it featured the best of his writing, both as prose and poetry. Being confined to his home and away from the action offered Whittier a chance to write better abolitionist poetry; he was even poet laureate for his party. Whittier's poems often used slavery to represent all kinds of oppression physical, spiritual, economic , and his poems stirred up popular response because they appealed to feelings rather than logic. Whittier produced two collections of antislavery poetry: Poems Written during the Progress of the Abolition Question in the United States, between and and Voices of Freedom He was an elector in the presidential election of and of , voting for Abraham Lincoln both times.

The passage of the Thirteenth Amendment in ended both slavery and his public cause, so Whittier turned to other forms of poetry for the remainder of his life. Whittier was one of the founding contributors of the magazine Atlantic Monthly.