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The process of categorizing each of your menu items will allow you to determine how to apply your menu-engineering efforts. This process can be broken into three parts:. The list of what is considered a category is not set in stone, but for some guidance, following are the names of some common categories: Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts, and Drinks. The key is that there is no overlap between the menu items in the various categories and that the list makes sense for your particular menu.

Menu design: can menus sell

Break out your categories into sections. For this step you may want to create a simple spreadsheet displaying each of the menu items beneath its category and section heading. Place each of your menu items into one of four quadrants. Go through each of your menu items, and using data for a recent time period perhaps the most recent month , place each menu item into one of the following four quadrants:. Determine the fate of menu items in each of the four quadrants. You will need to look at the menu items ranked by profitability and popularity at the category level first and then at the section level.

Viewing your data at the category level can help you decide where to place the various sections of your menu for example, if steak items are your Stars, you may want to work hardest to promote the Meat Entrees section.

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Viewing the data at the section level will then enable you to determine how to place and promote menu items within each section of your menu. The decisions you make will result from a combination of art not science and common sense.

New Menu Item: Good Idea or Total Waste?

And while every situation is different, here is some guidance for how to act on the data you have generated:. Once you have worked through this step, your menu-engineering goals are in place and you are ready to begin the menu design phase. When designing your menu it pays to consider your customer base: what types of customers order which items, what drives them to your establishment a certain dish, cheap drinks, atmosphere , do your customers read your menu thoroughly, and other factors.

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Menu design does not exist in a vacuum, and having such information informs how and when you should apply certain menu design techniques. That said, when it comes to menu-engineering techniques, there are certainly best practices. The following guidelines include enough of them to turn your menu into a profit center:.

Menu Engineering: How to Create a Profitable Menu

Use visual cues to highlight the items you want to sell most. You can use various types of graphics to highlight an item, such as putting a box around it, placing a photograph or drawing near it, or placing an asterisk next to it. Here are some things to keep in mind when using this technique:.

Top 10 Best Burger King Menu Items

This is the number-one problem I see with restaurant menus. Placing your prices in a column causes customers to focus on price, not your food, and could lead them to choose the cheapest item in the column. Get a Demo.


We even provide www. Q-Menus is quick to setup and super accurate — what it calculates will match your DMS. It really is too good to be true!

Consistency Your finance managers will present every product to every customer every time — so you will sell more! If you sell or offer items with a Nutrition Facts table and they are listed on a menu, then the calories need to be posted on the menu. If they are not listed on a menu but are put on display, then calories do not have to be posted.

For that, you have to put up a visible, accessible sign close to the food and drinks. Use the industry guide to help you produce and post calories on your menus. Or download a guide specific to your type of business:.

click here You have to use either Calories or Cals as a heading or right beside, above or below the number of calories for each menu item. If you sell food or drink for sharing e. A separate statement must be included to clearly show that these calories are in addition to the original item. If you sell combination — or combo — meals i. Skip to main content. Calories on menus: information for businesses.

Why calories on menus By providing the number of calories on your menus, tags and labels, you will be helping your customers make more informed choices about what they eat and drink.