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You are exhausted as the evening approaches. People today have complex and over-stressed lives. The cycle of extreme fatigue is perpetuated - fueled by the wrong foods; the wrong remedies; and the wrong advice. Don't be mislead - not all nutritional supplements and therapeutics are the same.

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Gentle, nurturing and non-stimulating, natural compounds are the best. Natural Therapeutics to Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome - Proper Use of Vitamins, Glandulars, Herbs, and Hormones , goes into great detail on the most common nutritional tools available to sufferers of Adrenal Fatigue, presented in order of potency. Knowing how and when to use each will facilitate your recovery. Diet, sleep, relationships, and exercise are important components in any Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome recovery program. To be effective, each component must be personalized to one's unique physical makeup. Dietary and Lifestyle Therapeutics to Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome - Your Personal Recovery Toolbox , will go in depth into each of these areas and is certain to aid in your recovery.

Knowing how the mind is connected to and affects the body physiologically is of great importance in any recovery program. Psychology of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome - How the Mind-Body Connection Affects Your Recovery , presents to you the neuroendocrine basis of AFS, how the mind and the body is connected physiologically, and what you can do at the mind level to help you recover physically. The series of ten single chapter excerpts are available for those who want a preview of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome - Reclaim Your Energy and Vitality with Clinically Proven Natural Programs or information about a specific Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome topic.

These are offered in the eBook format for convenient downloading. Most cases of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome are mild Stages 1 and 2 lasting a few days or weeks, with eventual full recovery. However, a minority of people find recovery a challenge.

How to Test Yourself for Adrenal Fatigue

Their symptoms last longer than usual; they eventually improve, but never fully recover. A smaller number of people slowly decompensate and their condition gets worse with time. These are the individuals who slowly slip into advanced stages of AFS. When sufferers experience frequent episodes of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome symptoms that increase in severity and duration, this is considered this a sign of recovery failure.

There are many reasons for this failure, and Dr. Lam discusses seven of the most common in this book.

What is stress?

Because adrenal crashes are invariably part of the recovery process, it is imperative that a sufferer has a comprehensive plan in place specifically to handle crashes and subsequent recovery. In this book, Dr. Lam focuses on special tools and other considerations to be use to minimize crashes and maximize the recovery potential. By the time most women and men realize they have Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, they are already in advanced stages. Many are surprised at the extent of damage done to their bodies, but few are surprised when they take a step back and do a detailed personal life history.

Over the years, Dr. Lam has found that only a minority of sufferers developed Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome due to acute stressful events, such as accident, surgery, infection, and emotional traumas. Most have had signs and symptoms of AFS for many years and even decades, but have ignored them for far too long. Acute events merely serve as triggers of adrenal crashes more often than not. Lam will present a case study and explain the different stages of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome to aid in your recovery. Only one out of every 10, people carries the longevity gene in his or her chromosome.

These fortunate few are likely to have a 20 year longer lifespan than the rest of the population. Some of them can become centenarians live to The remaining This process is largely regulated by the adrenal glands. Despite this important link, the connection between aging and the adrenal glands is seldom researched and often overlooked. Not enough emphasis is placed on the important link between subclinical adrenal dysfunction that occurs during the aging process in the modern world filled with stress.

Scientific evidence clearly shows that strong adrenal function is a key to good health.

Conversely, weak adrenal function leads to pre-mature aging. Lam explains why any comprehensive anti-aging program should include a thorough understanding of how one ages and how to optimize adrenal function. Developments in modern medicine allow us a wide array of laboratory tests designed to help diagnose certain disease states, along with measuring the severity of the disease and the burden on the body. There are literally thousands of tests available for your doctor to use.

Lam will explain the correct ones to evaluate whether you have Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, and help you understand the limitations of these tests. There are many misconceptions about Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. Lam will explain some of the myths and common mistakes surrounding AFS to aid in your recovery. To fully appreciate the body's heroic effort to rescue us from stress, it is important to understand first that our brain is in control of our body through the neuroendocrine system.

Anatomy of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome: Clinical Stages 1- 4 (Dr. Lam's Adrenal Recovery Series)

What one person perceives as stressful may not be for another. Based on the perceived level of stress by the mind, the body automatically activates any or all of the anti-stress mechanisms in place by way of hormones and neurotransmitters. Michael Lam will delve deeper into how the body actually responds to stress and its ties to Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. The body's hormonal organs are closely tied together through various axes. Though lesser known than the HPA hypothalmic-pituitary-adrenal axis, the ovarian-adrenal-thyroid OAT hormonal axis is extremely important.

When the OAT axis is disrupted, there is an imbalance of hormones that leads to symptoms of estrogen dominance, low energy, and hypothyroidism. Each component of the OAT axis affects the others. Imbalance of one will worsen the other and vice versa. Lam explains the clinical significance of Ovarian-Adrenal-Thyroid Axis Imbalance in this publication. As you now understand, recovering from Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome requires self care and vigilance. I have been in fight flight freeze for decades. I have recovered from the trauma.

No more anxiety no more major depression. I knew today I was crashing. I have all the symptoms. I recover then think I cheat, and I fail. I have all supplements on hand. I run cause the romantic hormones take days to recover from. Damn it anyway. I like love, my adrenals get mad. Why is this? Great article, i just want to clarify few things, its it best to eat more carbs while trying to recover? Also has anyone tried taking drenantrophin for it?

Executive Summary

Yes, some additional starchy vegetable sourced carb will help stimulate the adrenals. It will likely not require large amounts and it may be especially helpful if eaten in the morning and definitely post workout! Let me know if I can help you! The stress response is so important for people to understand. I am a DC and do lots of lay lectures and once people get a grasp of the stress response, how it affects them and what sets it off, they begin to make changes and notice the results.

This one concept is one the most important things that anyone needs to know about how their body works so they can get and stay healthy for a lifetime.

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Thanks for getting it out the so well and maybe build on it and apply it to autoimmune conditions, depression, allergies like asthma, neuro degenerative conditions, chronic pain, cardiovascular issues…. What if your saliva test results show your cortisol is a flat line all 4 times in the day it is measured?

What type of exercise should I be doing if that is the case? I would stick to light walking and a non-taxing, restorative types of movement- esp. Qigong or Tai Chi both of these can really help heal the adrenals. I feel fatigued and have trouble sleeping. ASI shows low cortisol in the morning, high at bedtime. Also, tyroid is low normal. Could this be caused by a very low carb diet?

But, I would like to have energy during the day and get some sleep at night!

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Keep me posted! Not sure why to consume carbs in AM. I agree with Robb.