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But there is one man who knows where the trail may lead — and that it could be the end of him: John Rebus. Torn by Anne Randall 4 April The court case had been harrowing. The fifteen jurors sat in silence while the prosecution produced evidence of how a man with obsessive fantasies had turned into a killer. Fourteen of the jurors were repulsed. One man was secretly enthralled. A new world of possibility had opened up for him. When an actress is found dead, the ligature marks suggest that she had been involved in extreme games.

Abigail: A Novel [The Wives of King David]

DIs Wheeler and Ross begin to investigate her death. Deep in various criminal empires, Davie Rhodes is a vindictive, deadly and notorious bare-knuckle legend without remorse for his victims. In the shadows between cities, he leaves a trail of destruction his own blood must resolve. An uneasy mix of seconded Police and health service staff, Mona, Bernard and their colleagues stem the spread of the Virus, a mutant strain of influenza.

Now two young female students are missing. Why were they drinking in a biker's bar? And why is the German government interfering in the investigation? Mona and Bernard need to fight their way through lies and intrigue, and find the missing girls. In April , the brutal murders of distillery owner, Duncan Fraser, and his wife Laura, shock the small rural community of Glenruthven in the Scottish Highlands. The ensuing police investigation unearths an ancient clan feud and a mystery dating back to and the Battle of Culloden. Detective Inspector Neil Strachan finds himself delving into the past, as he and his partner, Sergeant Holly Anderson, go head to head with a ruthless and violent criminal, apparently obsessed with his Jacobite ancestry.

Blood is thicker than water - but it's not as hard as cash. The trial of Robbie Munro's life: one month to prove he's fit to be a father. No problem. Apart, that is, from a double-murder in which Robbie's landlord, Jake Turpie, is implicated. Psycho-Jake demands Robbie's undivided attention and is prepared to throw money at the defence - along with some decidedly dodgy evidence.

Robbie has a choice: look after his daughter or look after his client. Can the two be combined to give the best of both worlds?

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Cast out of England, he is drawn by private grief to a secretive Scottish abbey, and the mystery of a missing girl who worked there. Though Paisley and its Abbey refuse to give up their secrets, they do give up their dead.

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In the tense and suspicious atmosphere of a nation at war, Danforth uncovers murder, madness, and sexual desire infecting the sacred house and its neighbouring town. Sam Morpeth is growing up way too fast, left to fend for a younger sister with learning difficulties when their mother goes to prison and watching her dreams of university evaporate. But Sam learns what it is to be truly powerless when a stranger begins to blackmail her online. Meanwhile, reporter Jack Parlabane has finally got his career back on track, but his success has left him indebted to a volatile source on the wrong side of the law.

Now that debt is being called in, and it could cost him everything.

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Wallace has to be responsible, but if Detective Sergeant Steel goes anywhere near him, his lawyers will get her thrown off the force for good. Follow the Dead by Lin Anderson 10 August On holiday in the Scottish Highlands, forensic scientist Dr Rhona MacLeod helps a mountain rescue team after a mysterious plane crash-lands. Added to that, a nearby climbing expedition has left three young people dead. Runaway by Claire MacLeary 14 March Maggie is reluctant to take on a misper case, but Wilma cajoles her into a covert operation trawling women's refuges and homeless squats in search of a lead.

But when a woman's body is discovered in a skip, the unlikely investigators are dragged into a deeper mystery involving people-trafficking, gambling and prostitution and they're in deadly danger. In Bloody Scotland twelve of Scotland's best crime writers use the sinister side of the country's built heritage in stories that are by turns gripping, chilling and redemptive. Acts of Allegiance by Peter Cunningham 21 September Paris: May, Scents of spring blossom, coffee and high-octane petrol.

Irish diplomat Marty Ransom has been summoned to meet Charles J. Haughey, the Irish Minister for Finance what's decided between them will change the course of Irish history. He has no idea Marty is reporting to MI5 in Dublin. As the deadly endgame draws near, Marty must choose.. She's missing, and her mother knows who to blame. But nobody's listening. Haunted by the girl's cold gaze and her mother's hurt, the detective soon finds himself at the centre of the most harrowing investigation of his police career. Uncovering a ring of ritualistic abuse that leads to the highest echelons of a degraded and Satanic society, Valentine wonders how the world could contain such evils.

And then the bodies start to mount. Black Widow by Chris Brookmyre 9 March Diana Jager has taken some hard knocks to pursue her career as a surgeon. Then she meets Peter in Inverness. He's the second chance she's been waiting for. Within six months, they are married. But Peter becomes ever more secretive about his work and his past and within six more months the marriage has failed and Peter is dead in a road accident: but was it an accident? Peter's sister Lucy thinks it was much more, and asks Jack Parlaban to investigate.

Everything is good for Robbie Munro, newly married and living in the country with wife and child. Until his wife takes up employment abroad just as old flame, Jill Green, asks him to investigate the unexplained death of her partner. Another killer on the loose is child-murderer Ricky Hertz, whose twenty-year-old conviction is under scrutiny. Did Robbie's father fabricate evidence at the trial?


The only way to prove ex-Police Sergeant Alex Munro, is innocencent is for Robbie to show there was no miscarriage of justice. Impeccably educated and an accomplished martial artist, linguist and musician, Shona is thrilled when selected by Marcia Blaine herself to travel back in time for a one-week mission in 19th century Russia: to pair up the beautiful, shy, orphaned heiress Lidia Ivanovna with Sasha, a gorgeous young man of unexplained origins.

Then the body count starts to rise. When her disgraced ex-police husband suddenly dies, Maggie Laird's unremarkable life in an Aberdeen suburb is turned upside down. With the bills mounting and the pressure on, she's forced to take on her husband's struggling detective agency, enlisting the help of her neighbour 'Big Wilma'. And so an unlikely but very determined partnership is born. Then a crudely mutilated body is found by a gang of kids. Dog Fight by Michael J. Malone 6 April Kenny O Neill, a villain with a conscience, returns in a hard-hitting thriller of exploitation, corruption and criminal gangs.

When Kenny s cousin, Ian, comes to the aid of a fellow ex-squaddie in a heap of trouble, he gets caught up in the vicious underground fight scene, where callous criminals prey on the vulnerable, damaged and homeless. With Ian in too deep to escape, Kenny has no option other than to infiltrate the gang for the sake of his family. When newly fledged DC Kirsty Wilson is called to the house of an elderly woman, what appears to be a death by natural causes soon takes a sinister turn when it is revealed that the woman had a mysterious visitor in the early hours of that morning - someone dressed as a community nurse, but with much darker intentions.

Detective Superintendent William Lorimer is called in to help DC Wilson investigate and as the body count rises, the pair soon realise that this case is about to get very personal. Granite Grit by Lee Cooper 6 September Family man Joe, thirty two year old, loses the only job he's known since school at a paper mill that supports him, his wife and two kids. Spiralling into debt as continuous job opportunities slip through his hands, he turns to the only thing he knows: boxing.

Conned into a brutal, raw fight, he scurries to the Tillydrone boxing gym.

The King's Park Irregulars

Tricked into the ring by his best friend's lies, he loves the rush of victory that he gets, and wants more. And proves he was made for the underground fight game in his first unlicensed bout. Maverick investigator Dominic Queste is on the trail of missing butcher Sam Price. But what began as a simple favour for his girlfriend quickly descends into a battle for survival against an enemy who has no qualms about turning victims into prime cuts.

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  6. Amidst a twisted game of cat and mouse, suspicious coppers, vicious crooks and a seemingly random burglary, Queste has to keep his wits about him. Or he might just find himself on the butcher's block. The Killing Connection by T. Muir 8 June A woman's body is washed up on the rocks by the castle ruins in St Andrews with evidence of strangulation, and no ID. Two days into the case, a call from another woman claiming to be the victim's friend could be DCI Andy Gilchrist's first solid lead.


    But when she fails to turn up for an interview, Gilchrist fears the worst.